Pioneer State Bank Mobile Banking FAQ

Mobile Banking enables you to access your account information using a special website designed especially for use with web-enabled cell phones. The mobile website has a clean, easy to navigate format and includes an additional security feature for mobile transactions.
You can review your account balances and recent transactions, transfer funds between accounts, make check deposits, approve transaction request and communicate with the bank via secure messaging.
Mobile Banking provides you access to all of the same accounts available to you in Internet Banking today.
Mobile banking is based on your cell phone’s mobile browser, and not your cell phone model or carrier you use. Therefore, it is compatible with a very large range of devices. Of course, you need to have Internet access in your charge plan with your cellular carrier to access our mobile services.
Mobile Banking is FREE to our online banking customers. You should discuss any service plan fees for accessing the Internet with your cellular provider.
Mobile Banking uses the most secure mobile browser access available. Each Mobile Banking session is on a secure server, featuring 128-bit data encryption and requiring a login ID and password for access. For added safety, transactions conducted via Mobile Banking require an additional level of user authentication with a Mobile Authorization Code (MAC). We have added TouchID as an added level of security.
To access Mobile Banking, you must:
  • Be enrolled in Internet Banking.
  • Login to Internet Banking and setup your Mobile Preferences.
  • Have a web-enabled cell phone or mobile cellular device.
Follow these easy steps:
  • On a desktop computer, log into Internet Banking.
  • Under the Preferences menu, select Mobile.
  • On the Mobile Enrollment tab, select the box next to "Yes, enable my User ID and Password for use on my mobile device."
  • Also on this tab, you may opt to e-mail the mobile web address to yourself. (Please note: Mobile Banking users must use this mobile web address to take advantage of our Mobile Banking features. If your mobile cellular device does not allow you to access this website, you will not be able to take advantage of Mobile Banking. You may need to contact your cellular provider to discuss phone upgrade options.)
  • If you would like to enable your ability to approve transactions, such as funds transfers, securely through our mobile website, select the Mobile Authorizations tab, select “Funds Transfers”, create a four-digit Mobile Authorization Code (MAC) and make any needed updates to your email and phone information. The MAC provides an additional level of security for any future transaction requests (such as transfers between accounts) that you may initiate at our Mobile Banking website.
  • Click Submit Changes. You are now ready to use Mobile Banking.
No, for your convenience, you will continue to use your current Internet Banking User ID and Password to access Mobile Banking.

You login through our app that you downloaded from either the App Store or Google Play store.

Pioneer State Bank's Mobile Banking uses specifically designed software which adapts to any Internet enabled cell phone or web enabled cellular device. Less advanced phones may encounter issues of various types due to technology incompatibility. Contact your cellular provider if you have questions or encounter error messages when trying to access our Mobile Banking website.

If you have access to a computer with Internet Banking access, you can disable your cell phone’s access to Mobile Banking by logging into Internet Banking, select Preferences: Mobile and unselect your access to Mobile Banking on the Mobile Enrollment tab and "Submit". Once you have submitted this, your User ID and Password cannot be used to access Mobile Banking on your phone. For added peace of mind, you can go into “Online Activity” and review any activity that has occurred to your accounts since you misplaced your phone. All mobile transaction requests will appear on this screen. If you have any questions, or you are concerned that your User ID or Password may have been compromised, contact Pioneer State Bank’s online customer service at 815-246-411. We will be happy to put an alert on your account, reset your Internet Banking access or assist you in monitoring your account for any unusual activity. We can also disable your mobile banking access for you, if you have not already done so. Most importantly, you will want to contact your cellular service provider to temporarily disable your phone and prevent charges to your cellular account until you are able to recover or replace your phone.

YES! You can pay your bills from your phone just like you would on your desktop computer.

Your phone’s browser does not allow your back button to function in a secure session. To navigate to the previous page you will need to select the page you want to view from the on-screen Mobile Banking choices.